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The English teacher has six orgasms in a row...

Marilyn is an English teacher. It is a mature plump without being fat. Very sensual, full of charm and so it takes very erotic poses, tucking her skirt straddling a shameless and embarrassed air at once. It is lovely and it looks like a teacher who cowardly to heat his pupil!

Then when stroking his cock, his face speaks volumes about the effect ... She lies and masturbating more quickly. It between two fingers and then to rub like crazy. Her orgasm is coming along (I made a lot of cuts) but we feel pleasure invade gradually. And then suddenly she cried: "I ​​enjoy".

For me it's bullshit, and I asked him again ... six times! When one loves, one does not count. Did she really took off? I'll let you judge. Like many women, it is very difficult to know if she had an orgasm or not. And, like many women, she argues that yes, of course!
Video n°234 - Length: 0 min. - Size: 0 Mo - File type: mp4

Arab woman lets herself go and masturbates in front of the camera!

Casting a pretty beurette with a perfect body. Shy, she does not dare undress but I insist. Quickly it is comfortable and I hear she does a striptease and sex is touched by customers. She is not shy at all, it is a kind and that it gives him very well because it gives people the impression that the force necessary to fuck her!

She masturbates every day in the shower. Well, she has not had an orgasm but its movement buttock while she fondles sex is sublime. She moves the pelvis in a sublime way!
Video n°1180905 - Length: 9 min. - Size: 101 Mo - File type: mp4

Nice rounded, plump pussy.

Pretty kitty well rebondi.Une pretty brunette with beautiful green eyes. His plump little sex overflows her panties and shows her slit. She does not like stroking alone and prefer it to be a man who takes care of her. I asked him to caress and ultimately finds that sex is very excited. Excites the camera and masturbates with energy, sex while she is open undulating basin ... You want to take her away in a frenzied sex party.
Video n°1180902 - Length: 9 min. - Size: 106 Mo - File type: mp4

Her vagina is extremely swollen with desire!

A charming audition with a young couple who came to fuck on camera. She’s barely undressed, and already her expectant vagina is puffed up with desire, and she wants her man to take her right away. And the end he jerks her off, and it doesn’t take her long to cum.
Video n°345982 - Length: 14 min. - Size: 162 Mo - File type: mp4

Her panties are drenched... And it shows!

For her first audition, I film Elodie, 24, a history student, in a friend’s apartment. The situation gets her working and she wets her panties for all to see! Under my orders, she undresses, caresses herself, and puts herself in every position I ask. When I ask her to push way her panties, I am surprised to see her vagina already spread open, proof positive that she’s not faking. Then she caresses herself in the stairway, and gets worked up with a dildo that she thrusts in and out faster and faster. The scene finishes on the kitchen table with the dildo. Her orgasm takes a long time to come, but I left the sequence intact without any cuts. When she feels the orgasm coming, she says “I’m going to cum!” Her orgasm is long and intense.
Video n°261 - Length: 25 min. - Size: 282 Mo - File type: mp4

Two lesbians make some surprising discoveries!

While going up the stairs Lea and Coraline show their naked muffs and then exhibit themselves in a public park. They’re almost completely naked, although they can be surprised at any moment. They fondle each other, lick each other and keep their exhibition up even in the pouring rain! When they come back to my studio, they describe what they like. Coraline shows Lea her ice-dildo, a frozen water-filled condom. Her body literally spasms when Coraline tries to insert the ice-dildo in her pussy. When its Lea’s turn, she shows Coraline the effects of an effervescent aspirin on the clitoris. Coraline twists in every direction while the aspirin sizzles on her pussy! Then she stuffs the pill inside her vagina, but can’t get it out! Lea goes fishing for it. Then to finish off, they masturbate each other and orgasm at the same time.
Video n°231 - Length: 23 min. - Size: 263 Mo - File type: mp4

Two girls make love under a porch in the city center.

“It’s more exciting to be naked in front of strangers”, this cute brunette swinger tells me. She a good little bourgeois, just like we like them. “I often walk around without any panties: at work, in the stores, and even at work meetings. I’ve been masturbating since I was very young. I like having sex in public places. My wildest dream is to be fucked by several men and one woman. I like being treated like a dirty little bitch.” I have never met a girl so frank and quick! When I ask her to get undressed, she takes off only her panties, opens her legs, and slides apart her pussy lips while staring me in the eyes. She tells me that she’s really excited to masturbate in front of me, and that she wants to cum already! You can see her dripping pussy! In the second part of the film, I introduce Vero to her, so that they can have a lesbian adventure. To make it more exciting, we go to the entry of a garage. They fuck like madwomen, jerk each other off, lick each other, and get naked and can be surprised at any moment! Their excitement is all too real: A genuine amateur treat.
Video n°229 - Length: 24 min. - Size: 264 Mo - File type: mp4

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