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Gangbanged Italian girl admits being a slut.

This beautiful Italian dream of a gang bang. She goes out every weekend clubbing and if she likes a guy, she fucks him directly. With a charming accent, she explains: "I am a slut, if I do not go out one night, I and my book I call a guy to come and fuck me home."

Before our 4 guys, she undresses and spreads her legs for the cause. They jump on him and hands while strolling, a tail in between her pussy is dripping wet. They will pass on him one behind the other. She takes obvious pleasure and laughs all the time, a little too much for my taste, but it is a joyful way to fuck!
Video n°2200361 - Length: 37 min. - Size: 414 Mo - File type: mp4

Cathie's double penetration fantasy becomes true!

Cathie is not satisfied with the men she meets. This is a small young bourge that comes from a chic d'Enghien and know that small twinks his chest. "My only experience strong kiss was with a stripper in a nightclub. When I want, I can not resist!"

She wrote to slum it and wants to make her fantasy to fuck two guys. I present Eddy and Joss. While it makes a good blowjob to black, Joss him fiddling her pussy and we see it wets a lot!

On all fours she sucks Joss Eddy but there is more beautiful and shoves unceremoniously! She begins to scream under the blows cock, mold wide open. She'll take it up the vagina on the washing machine and standing against the wall!

Then the two guys will take the double penetration: one in the ass and one in her pussy to make her scream with pleasure before getting a good facial.
Video n°20091218 - Length: 28 min. - Size: 314 Mo - File type: mp4

A porn video to please her boyfriend.

Lily is 23 years old and told me that her boyfriend wants to make a sexual experience to desalinate a bit. Lily confesses: "This is my boyfriend pushes me because I am very loyal and this is the first time I wrong. He wants me to get fucked and fucked by two guys, I'm a little scared this situation. "

Exhib and she loves to masturbate in public. I ask him to masturbate only protected in a driveway on a busy street.

Arrived at the location, I offer my two lads who go sucked by the beautiful blonde. At his request, they fuck and her moans show that she loves it. They take in all positions and enjoy good tight anus before filling her mouth with cum.
Video n°2209601 - Length: 30 min. - Size: 337 Mo - File type: mp4

She's naked on a table and she gets banged by three masked men. That's Veronica's fantasy.

Veronica is 23 years old, she is a saleswoman in a clothing store. His fantasy is to be found lying naked on a table with several men completely unknown who will take advantage of it for a wild fuck no sense.

She insists they are hidden because they do not want to see. I drive in a cave, she undresses and lies totally naked on a large table. She freaked to death because it is the first time she will fuck with multiple partners.

Three boys enter the room. One caress his body, the other guy muff-dives, the third gets sucked. Gradually thaws beautiful, big dick into her pretty slit, but she prefers doggy style and gets on all fours holding her nice ass very appetizing. It is good banging in all positions but that she takes pleasure would be overkill.
Video n°2150311 - Length: 0 min. - Size: 0 Mo - File type: mp4

Blonde submissive woman leashed like a dog, offered to 2 strangers by her husband!

Driss is a big macho who treats his wife like a slut submitted. His pleasure is to offer to strangers. Barely out of the car, it shows her beautiful round and firm breasts.

It Still leaves it behind the unfortunate little blonde in a corner of the garden and to ask him to get on all fours ass in the air.

Obedient she let him. Two guys are fucking the girl before the eyes of her husband. Both boys will fuck her in all positions to make her come.

This slut loves sex and it shows! Her pussy is wet and smooth wide open.

Sitting on a guy, she masturbates with big cock strokes to get well enjoy impaled on hard cock. Finally, she received the white liquid spurting two cocks in your face!
Video n°3012823 - Length: 32 min. - Size: 360 Mo - File type: mp4

The baker has huge boobs! She wants to discover anal sex with Kevin.

We just look at Christine out of the bakery where she works. She sleeps with her boss but is not satisfied with his sexual performance because she wants to try to be sodomized and he refuses. She adds with a grin: "He has a small dick!"

We propose to be fucked by the big dick of Kevin. A Chinese girl was invited on the set because it is a voyeur, she will masturbate while watching the scene.

It starts with a blowjob and then the baker is on all fours for a doggy style. She is so excited that nets cum dripping out of her pussy while Kevin boosts the boldly. Then come the instant the hard cock sticking out of the anus. But losing her anal virginity is not as easy as you think. It is finally in her pussy that'll make her come to our Chinese did not lose a beat, her hand still between her legs.
Video n°2295852 - Length: 42 min. - Size: 463 Mo - File type: mp4

Two guys and anal sex for the first time!

Liane, 21, just broke up with her ​​boyfriend because of sexual disharmony. She wants to fulfill his fantasy with two men but little does not have much experience: she has fucked with two men in her life! This does not preclude having a strong libido and to try to satisfy her big pussy who often itchy. And as they say: woman with glasses, woman pecker!

It begins with foreplay very gentle not to frighten the beautiful: "I ​​love to lick pussy!" Then she grabs the tails of two guys presented to him and starts to suck like a true professional. While she sucks a big cock on all fours, the second guy the opportunity to take it, can not resist her big ass chubby.

Her vagina is very narrow, the pine is hard to get! But come and go quickly accelerates and Liane starts moaning with pleasure. Her pussy swell with pleasure. Then, as she requested, she gets fucked but the hole is narrow and the big dork Jo's hard to sink into her anus.

Everything ends with a nice sprinkling of spunk on her face.
Video n°2012143 - Length: 44 min. - Size: 488 Mo - File type: mp4

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