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Routine casting gets crazy!

Laetitia comes to my casting. She agreed to have sex with a pornstar. I asked her to undress and caress. But excited by the situation, she said she wants to make love right away with a man! This is not expected because I have no one to hand out to my photographer.

It is very cute and she likes well. She bluntly states she wants to fuck him! He accepted and from that moment I no longer control the situation ... and let it happen. This is not a porn movie but a documentary! They are a little embarrassed, the beginning is hesitant, nervous laughter, anxious glances towards the camera and then suddenly she said: "I want him to take me right away."

So without taking precautions, he enters abruptly. I propose a hood, she does not want it, but he does not ejaculate application in it. You will see that with men, she leads and controls the actions. Her orgasm is it really real or simulated? It sounds a bit wrong, but argues that yes! At the end he cums on her back. She says she loves women ... that's for next film.
Video n°266 - Length: 27 min. - Size: 301 Mo - File type: mp4

Middle-class woman who gets fucked by 2 men for the first time.

Victoria lives in the south of France, she came to a cast that will quickly degenerate into a good fuck. It is a small bourge who wants to have fun and explore sexuality with pros. She seems shy and reserved. This is the first time she fucks two guys at once.

It does not take long to release before the passion of our two boys. They undress slowly to show us her gorgeous body with a big ass. Squirmed voluptuously beautiful guys kissing passionately on the mouth. Papuan end the motion with great energy, her nipples are hard and erect: it is at the edge of orgasm!

She sucks cocks in turn and gets on all fours to take Steph's big cock in her small mold wide open. "Oh my God yes, again!" she shouted. Gentoo has in turn fill the vagina and nice posh fouraille large strokes cock.

Then she impales herself on big cock Steph front of the camera and moves her pelvis Advent back to give herself pleasure. Then take the Papuan standing against the wall for him clubbing the choune before sending a good cum in her face.
Video n°1111783 - Length: 41 min. - Size: 460 Mo - File type: mp4

Orgy with two young sluts. Huge orgasm for Prisca, Jessy discovered squirting woman!

Four boiling hot guys end up with two lovely daughters: Prisca, 21 who come from Alsace and Jessy 24 years in the Paris region. No interview, we go live to fuck!

Prisca standing Papuan and sucks a guy the opportunity to pick her up from behind without actually asking her opinion! The pretty brunette lets him while Papuan motion Jessy groaning with pleasure. A guy just spit in the well is wet pussy. He boosts copiously to make him take his foot.

Prisca has grown to be caught while she sucks our black friend sticking her big slaps on the buttocks which seems to excite the highest degree!

Jessy, impaled on a big cock, gives great shots basins to bring her orgasm.

For its part Papuan puts his cock in her pussy dilated Prisca. His face reflects his pleasure. One of the guys takes her doggy style, he boosts the vagina and causes a violent orgasm in beautiful screaming of pleasure.

Both girls are on all fours side by side and have an orgasm again!

Boys excited by pretty asses, will pass from one to the other.

Jessy masturbated violently by Papou begins to squirt like a real fountain. She tells us that this is the first time she ejaculates!
Video n°130722106 - Length: 29 min. - Size: 320 Mo - File type: mp4

Her fantasy: getting fucked from behind during a job interview!

Leila is a young Arab nymphomaniac waitress who does not afraid of anything. She asks us to realize his fantasy: to seduce and fuck her partner during a job interview.
Video n°1101613 - Length: 37 min. - Size: 413 Mo - File type: mp4

Anaïs came for a simple audition. She finally agrees to get fucked!

Anaïs, 23, a student is a young Nantaise who spends a casting. After a middle-class, she wants to bring his family fucking in a porn video. We present Stephane who is confident and willing to fuck with him.

This is a very sensual girl who loves to kiss her, she rolls languidly shovels from beginning to end of the video. It is rare enough to Rate! It's a real treat to see this beautiful student with perfect bodies indulge without restraint.

Under his air of good family is a hottie who is totally loose major thrusts sitting on the big cock of our friend or doggy style. She screams of pleasure, says she has had orgasms, but personally I doubt you can believe it! Finally, it discharges into the mouth.
Video n°1123963 - Length: 42 min. - Size: 469 Mo - File type: mp4

A 19-year old co-ed attends an audition out of curiosity and gets fucked hard!

Cassie is a beautiful 19 year old student, after a middle-class Enghien, who spends a casting. This is her first experience in front of a camera, I try to put them at ease. She admits to being an exhibitionist so I asked him to drop his pants in the park at the exit of the toilet.

Beautiful does not deflate and shows me her small pussy all smooth in the middle of passers-by! "I'm soaked, one outdoor exhib it excites me!" told me she was dressed again.

She says she wants to release sexually but does not say ready to porn. Once she is naked damn, I present Joss, she accepted a few caresses. The boy she likes, she is more excited and can not resist the urge to suck. From a small timid voice she ended by saying: "I ​​have not had sex in one month, I am very excited and now I want him to take me!"

Cum dripping from her pussy, she will prove to be a good little slut and try even a soda before getting a good cumshot on face.
Video n°2117080 - Length: 35 min. - Size: 391 Mo - File type: mp4

CREAMPIE: "Oh, yes, cums in my pussy! Cathy request.

Cathy and Pascal come to a casting. In the courtyard of the building, Pascal raised skirt Cathy. He lowers her pantyhose and thong to show us her pussy and her ass. Madame is very exhibitionist and she loves when her husband shows her pussy in front of strangers!

Arrival in the room, Pascal undresses his wife, then she moved on all fours on the bed to excite. They are shy and a little awkward but it's the charm of amateurs! Cathy says she really wants to kiss because they have a long way to see us.

Pascal caress his wife on the body and attack cunnilingus that hard moaning at the beautiful blonde. The string quickly jumps, she opens her legs wide and tongue her husband resume his work while he shoves a finger in her pussy plump. Cathy explains that he often enjoy under the caresses of her man!

After a moment, he removed his pants and buries his cock in his wife's mouth that sucks like mature know so well. At the same time, he polishes his mold more quickly. It gives small strokes basin to raise enjoyment and her little tight body pleasure is really exciting!

He leads the edge of orgasm, nice twists and impales herself on her man's fingers to enjoy without restraint!

Then she sits down on the tail of Pascal and sways back and forth to rub her clit on good hard cock of her man.

In doggy position, taut buttocks, she takes the stiff cock spit up the vagina.

He turns on his back and pushed again his cock in pussy of his wife more quickly. After a moment she cries, "Oh, yes, darling c'mon cums in my pussy, I mashed file, cums in my pussy!" He spits his sperm into the vagina and gently spring tail while white liquid dripping from her crotch.
Video n°130607912 - Length: 36 min. - Size: 400 Mo - File type: mp4

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