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This beautiful blonde wants to take revenge over her cheating husband. She decides to shoot a sex-tape with her lover.

Tamara lives in the south of France and her lover Gilou lives in Paris. The beautiful blonde says she agrees to do a porn video in revenge for her husband who deceives regularly. She hopes he will one day fall on this video to see her get fucked by another man! I am with the camera in their apartment into their room.

Gilou would like Tamara loose a little and he takes her sexually in boxes orgy. She in turn wants to discover something other than its small orderly life with her husband. "I hate shorts and sub-objectives, I am always naked under my clothes, says Tamara."

She gets naked right away and starts licking Gilou. She dances with her ​​hips under the skilful tongue of his friend, it is a spectacle of a powerful eroticism! The body absolutely beautiful Tamara succumbs to the pleasure with astonishing sensuality and passion in different positions, purring like a kitten.
Video n°1184068 - Length: 36 min. - Size: 402 Mo - File type: mp4

Cindy masturbates in taxis!

Horny brunette gets a picture taken by Mary, who asked him to masturbate to orgasm. Then Madgic will skip the beautiful brunette doggy style before sending his spunk on her buttocks.

Photo shoot.
A suitcase in each hand, this charming Picardy just out of the train. This is a libertine, photo model who loves to pose in front of the lens. Mary that hosts plays photographers and asked to remove her clothes one to one while taking poses. Cyndy has an absolutely perfect body and nice firm breasts and shapely. The two girls chatting quietly about their early experiences and their sexual habits. Cindy made love for the first time in thirteen years with its smaller neighbor in the bedroom of his grandmother. She chats quietly legs spread pussy properly inflated discovering a small string under her blue lace. She has big needs to satisfy and fulfill his libido often she masturbates everywhere. But what she particularly likes the unusual places that are in public places such as museums, zoos and even in taxis!
Handjob session.
Moments later, she finds herself naked. Mary asked him to show us the technique she uses to masturbate. She thinks she likes a friend and situations she has experienced in orgies. Gradually her pretty pussy chubby smooth opens under the effect of his fingers tickle her clit. She admits that she likes girls and Mary, dropping his camera approaches her to caress her legs and breasts to excite the beautiful brunette. She asks him to masturbate to orgasm while sucking his nipples hard and erect. While shaking her pretty pussy, two girls kissing greedily which will increase his pleasure. Mary kneading her nipples, gives little slaps and tongue strokes to raise the fun. Cindy loves being slutty trafficking and Mary will not bother to tell him. Our fingers pretty brunette astiquent his little apricot wide open and dripping with frantic movements quickly causing an explosive orgasm that shakes the beautiful brunette lying on her back.
Arrival of a boy.
Then our friend Mary has Madgic Cindy. It begins with a cunnilingus that puts brown in all its forms while Mary looks stroking sex through her thong. Madgic then grabs the slut doggy style for him to enjoy repeated penetrations. He unleashed in her pussy to make her scream with pleasure. Finally Madgic feel ejaculation coming and without being able to hold out his cock at once to spread his seed on the beautiful buttocks of Picardy. Mary did a little debriefing with Cindy to finish this porn video.
Video n°1175938 - Length: 59 min. - Size: 654 Mo - File type: mp4

Cunnilingus on a small pink and chubby pussy.

Angelica out of the shower and I introduced him Boris who embraces and kisses while dropping a wandering hand on her pussy pink and smooth this pretty brunette. Thong, suspenders, stockings and heels Angelica shows us her gorgeous drop waist.

A long cunnilingus on her chubby little apricot, hard screams of pleasure to the girl. The couple met for the occasion, will move to 69.

Closeup on the vulva open and soaked the small and her mouth up and down rhythmically on the boy's erect cock. I calm to avoid a premature burst of cum! The fuck scene is swift but violent. I watch her ​​legs shake after orgasm. I hoped for a little doggy but our Boris was not in great shape ... What do you want this is nature!

Everything ends with a cumshot directly to the bottom of the gorge.
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Over-heated voluptuous blonde.

Loriane, 28 years old wants to be porn star. She looks much porn and wants to get behind the camera. She throws herself on Madgic our pornstar well known, this beautiful blonde is not afraid of anything.

Standing against the wall, she lifts one leg to show us her smooth pink pussy and her fingers while masturbating her clit on fire. Madgic not resist and goes directly up against the wall. "This is happiness she said in one breath! I want you to make me enjoying."

Under the onslaught of our friend Madgic she screams with pleasure as she fondles shaved pussy and opens her lips to excite.

Cumshot on her pretty ass to plump buttocks.
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This young cheap blonde wants to get fucked on the hood of a car.

Emilie lies on the hood of my car to tell me that it is in this situation she would love to fuck. We are in the countryside on the edge of a small wood. This girl is a slut and friend Madjic will make him his birthday! After having thoroughly dismantled pussy on the cold metal of the hood, he'll lie on a blanket on the floor to kiss ass.

The petite blonde loves anal and squeals like a pig when he rebuilt the entrance bullet hole. After having thoroughly abused anus, he makes her squirt hot cum and abundant in the face.
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The young gym teacher gets fucked by 4 guys!

Elodie fitness teacher, she arrived in undress. This young woman has a fantasy of banging his students! When she teaches a course, she imagines the boys hair and makes it wet. I thought he had 4 guys to play the role of students. Excited by the situation, she lets herself go and all the tape!

For starters, she gets naked and lies down on the sofa and masturbates while guy approaches her and caress. She quickly grabs cock and sucks greedily. On all fours during fellatio, Madgic the opportunity to take from behind!

Lets make it rather timidly, but to see her pussy wide open, we understand that she has a lot of fun to fuck! It takes some time for it begins to scream under the vigorous strokes of the guys who pass him on the belly behind each other.

Everything ends with a drop of cum on the tits.
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Housewife in a gang bang! She cums brutally and without restraint!

Sophie, mature quarantine has sounded better, wants to make a gang bang. His fantasy is to get blindfolded and getting fucked by a lot of man she does not know. We offer her four young studs to fuck it right!

This mother is shy at first and hardly speaks. But under the blows of pine our boys, she finally let go. Astride the very hard tail a guy, she starts to enjoy abruptly without restraint! Obviously she had a great desire and she was very excited.

Finally, she gets cum in mouth.
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