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Our shootings are organized like parties between friends!
No need to be a pro... Just be natural.

We shoot porn like a documentary, we display slices of life, real emotions, without editing or special effects. For example, we never ask for simulated orgasms, which is the norm in most X-rated movies.

In our videos, women aren't submissive objects for the pleasure of others. They decide and participate while freely seeking their own pleasure.

Today, these "chic amateur" videos are intended for women, couples and men. We wish to show the playful aspect of sex, a real human relation experienced in a party atmosphere based on shared pleasure, where women's wishes are respected.

You can select your partners from photos. All intercourses are protected and full medical results are regularly disclosed. You may come with your spouse or a friend. No sexual position is ever forced, the atmosphere is very friendly, without hassles. Our shooting sessions are organized like parties between friends.

Length of shooting session: 4 hours (including make-up, preparation, etc .)
Compensation: paid cash depending on performance, with a publicity agreement.
Travel expenses are reimbursed.
We can also set up a shooting at your home.

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