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Mandy is sex addict! When she wants sex it addresses the men in the street to find a partner!

Mandy lives in Switzerland. When his sexual needs are too violent, she does not hesitate to approach a guy who likes it in the street to ask him to fuck him.

She tells us her technique and what it says to seduce him: "What are you doing tonight?
I give you my number and you call me? "

Usually they go to the hotel but it can happen to any point. Real behavior of guy addicted to sex!

Filming starts in the shower where she confesses that sex is a vital passion: "Making a porn video is especially fun for me she told me." I like to change and fuck with multiple partners. Sex is a drug, "I motion two to three times a day, it calms me she said!"

I present Joss and they go into the room. By the way we admire the fine and muscular body of beautiful brunette.

She lies on the bed, legs open and asks Joss lick, what she loves. Then she sucks and we feel a young woman full of experience, Joss hardens in minutes.

He takes her doggy style in his favorite position. She began to cry, "Oh yes fucks me, you'll make me cum!" An orgasm shakes.

Lying on her back, gently penetrates Jos while she masturbates more frantically until a second or reach orgasm: "Oh yes it is"

His whole body stiffened on the tail of our boy at the time of enjoyment and it ejaculates turn on her pussy uncontrollably.
Video n°130619595 - Length: 40 min. - Size: 450 Mo - File type: mp4

Anal deflowering: Docteur Florence gets a couple acquainted to sodomy. Carmen gets fucked in the ass for the first time.

Carmen and her husband have never practiced sodomy. This bourgeois couple asked Dr Florence an introduction to anal pleasure. For reasons of discretion, they are hidden.

For the first time, anus Carmen will receive a dick, that KEVIN LONG famous French pornstar! But as usual with Florence, the situation escalates and the course turns to the guard room orgy!

While Kevin wad ass Carmen, her husband took the opportunity to enter the Doctor Florence. Finally, we must move from theory to practice!

The anal orifice is surrounded by sphincter muscles that provide intense pressure on the penis, which increases the erotic sensations. This anatomical feature, with the addition of a lubricant, explains that some men prefer anal sex to vaginal intercourse. The anus is not as spontaneous as erogenous genitalia, and sometimes you regularly repeat stimulation to arouse the erogenous sensitivity of the anal region.

The advice of the pro:
Lubricate the index in the vagina and enter by turning the anus and opening.
Lubricated finger into the vagina and put two fingers into the anus.
Enter slowly, turn slowly. If it expands well, you can also put other fingers.
Do not put lubricant on your fingers if necessary (3-5 drops, no more).
Penetrate the girl through the vagina. After a trip, the tail is very hard.
Come out of the vagina and the anus, it is also less brutal psychologically. The girl gets anal in excitement rising, not falling, which is quite different.
Video n°2360533 - Length: 62 min. - Size: 683 Mo - File type: mp4

We've realized the fantasy of Emy: extreme h

The little slut Emy is dragged on a leash by his master like a dog on all fours. He orders him to lick the shoes. They will force her to masturbate with a dildo and when an orgasm happens, she can not resist and took a violent pleasure.

Slaps and lashes rain down on his body and they insult the girl for make degrading tasks. They spread the contents of a trash can on the ground and forced to eat garbage. She pees in a bowl, put their hands in and licks his fingers and then smeared his face with his urine.

While she cleans the floor, the two master fucked the girl without heeding her screams. Then they fill her head in the toilet or lack of it and finally fuck her in full swing their mouth.

This scene is the fantasy that Emy has explained what she wanted: to be humiliated and treated like a slut slave.

Her orgasms have never been so violent Emy told us at the end of filming.
Video n°2242502 - Length: 41 min. - Size: 454 Mo - File type: mp4

Parisian clerk wants to make a video and keep it secret from her boyfriend!

Jenny is 22 years old, this is a super hot love kiss and says she has no taboos. Black-Asian origin Vietnam and mixed Guinea, is very rare! Our two lads, Papou and begins Madgic remove his under-tive to reveal huge breasts beautiful. Papuan settles between her legs to lick her pussy. She gives great thrusts to increase her pleasure.

Then she sucks boys and a camera shot between her legs shows her pussy wide open already! She says she is already excited. She settled on the couch legs spread wide, her pussy is swollen with desire and when the cock enters her vagina, she cries out with pleasure.

Both guys will take it in every way and I have rarely seen a girl take so much pleasure to fuck. The game ends with a drop of cum on her big tits.
Video n°1117655 - Length: 0 min. - Size: 3 Mo - File type: mp4

I'm a real dirty slut! When I meet a guy, I want to get fucked in the next 5minutes, it turns me on!

Milia lives in the city of Bordeaux and come see us for a little porn video. "I love to suck and I think it is very exciting to meet a guy and fuck live with him after five minutes we says it." She grabs the tail and suck Madgic. Not bother to ask her if she is excited: a shot camera under her skirt shows pussy wide open already!

Another guy joins the party and gets between her thighs wide open for licking. Then she undresses and shows us her big pair of tits that she grabs his hands full for the nurse. "I want to fuck!" We said she was down on all fours. The big dick very hard sinking into her dilated pussy and dripping with excitement. She moaned with pleasure and starts screaming when the pace is accelerating.

She gets banged with blows: "Ah it's good she said, it's been since I've had a good cock in my pussy! What fucks me well, I am a real slut! "And finally, he sends his cum in her mouth.
Video n°1610583 - Length: 36 min. - Size: 400 Mo - File type: mp4

Nasty bitches squirting.

Even and Chloe are nearby. They live in the middle of fields in a corner of Normandy. Suffice to say that these two nasty bitches have no sexual distraction from ass to watch movies and eat each from time to time. They come to a porn video to get a good shot of tail.

Chloe tells us: "When we go shopping, I enjoy to masturbate quietly because it is very reactive. Who cares if people can surprise us. We're two big dogs!"

While discussing Chloe masturbates her friend, a little later, she is going to fist. Both are squirting cum and will extensively during filming.
Video n°2372053 - Length: 47 min. - Size: 527 Mo - File type: mp4

"Go ahead fuck my pussy, shove it deep, tear my twat apart, I love it!" screams this slutty tall brunette.

Sophie Brown is a great bourgeois chic that comes from Bordeaux at the request of Alex. It's fantasy dildo woman with vegetables. It is a childhood memory where he surprised her neighbor in her garden in masturbating with a vegetable. Not shrink from any sacrifice to meet the demands of users, we bought cucumbers and zucchini.

We start the video in the kitchen, it'll self. The pretty brunette is installed on a chair with legs wide apart to accommodate the large cucumber. She loves dildo and says she has a nice collection at home that she uses regularly. She has the need to masturbate several times a day, it is a great gourmet sex. Sophie catches the big vegetable and shoves it directly into the mold without any preliminary! "I am very excited by the context and the boys she says, looks like I'm soaked."

After this culinary art to the French, they go into the bedroom to fuck. Under the good shots dick it collects, the great bitch screams vulgarities contrast with its appearance of high bourgeoisie. "Oh yes, come in my ass, fart me the puck well ...!" impressive vocabulary.
Video n°1184074 - Length: 31 min. - Size: 349 Mo - File type: mp4

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