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I masturbate in the street and enjoy! If I got caught, I say not bother me that I "glide".

Eva arrives in southern France for a little porn with us. This is a libertine who entrusts us with a charming southern accent, that sex is a passion. "I masturbate every day sometimes more than once, it is a need.

When I feel like I am able to masturbate in the street and nothing is more exciting than having an orgasm in the middle of the people. "

In my job, I can make me cum. If I was not discreet enough, I say without me interfering with people who surprise me that I "glide".

She wants to try anal sex but before getting slip-by big cock of our boy, it is prepared with dildos.
Video n°130819075 - Length: 40 min. - Size: 450 Mo - File type: mp4

An orgasm incredibly violent!

Provocative, délurée, without taboos or complex this blonde has a body and perfect breasts.

The film begins with an interview in which she recounts her sexual initiation at age 14 by an older girl it. If you are neighbor across the train, she explains how she will cause removing her panties to let you see her pussy .... hummm.

Then she does a striptease hell with swaying not possible! Then she strokes and tells in detail and with very raw and salacious words everything she imagines (exceptional).

She masturbates with a bottle filled with oil, a dildo, then with two dildos in the ass and pussy.

It ends with an orgasm of incredible violence ... I've never seen it! I think if I had not stopped, it could go on for hours ... so this girl loves sex!
Video n°131220041 - Length: 29 min. - Size: 320 Mo - File type: mp4

She pees on my couch!

This mature blonde tells me that waiting for the bus , she was seized with such a pressing desire she urinated in her panties on a staircase while people could watch it. The irony is that she took the opportunity to express to hug!

To relive his adventure , we find a staircase and reproduce the scene.

Back at the office , I make it absorb gallons of hot tea and asked him to try to retain as long as possible . While chatting, she opens her legs to show that she did not wear panties , which often happens to him to do the shopping .

Then I asked to see her big tits . She fiddles nipples and that makes him so effective it shows me her wet pussy and starts to masturbate without restraint .

An hour later, she can not control her bladder and loose torrents of urine without even taking the time to rise from the couch !

She immediately connects with a handjob that ends with a great orgasm. You can even see inside her pussy contract during the spasms of pleasure so it is open.
Video n°13122042 - Length: 18 min. - Size: 200 Mo - File type: mp4

My shopping without panties for you see my pussy!

This very exhib mature blonde gets me in and tells me : "I do my shopping without underwear and I create situations where you can see my pussy. It's very exciting to see the reaction of a man when he discovers that I have no panties and he sees my pussy.

When I'm with a man , I like it I discreetly motion in a public place until orgasm . I love making love with two men.

Then she showed me how she likes to masturbate with a dildo up her pussy and another in the ass. Super excited, her pussy is already wide open and she tells me " I wet , yes! "

She then asked my assistant to come and take the dildo . He bangs her pussy while inserting a finger in her ass causing her screams of pleasure. My assistant pleases him well, they snog like lovers . She undresses and gives him a blowjob hell . It was not planned but he fucks with her to show me how she likes being penetrated by a man, she takes the tail of my assistant and puts it on the edge of her pussy while explaining how he need to go with it.

But after a while, probably too excited by the situation , she enters the tail in the vagina thoroughly and starts making coming and going .

Then it is gone! He takes her hard on the couch and screaming with pleasure. I rarely heard a woman screaming so much!
Video n°131219008 - Length: 34 min. - Size: 380 Mo - File type: mp4

Cast 6 girls during 1 hour.

These castings are 15 years old when the girls were naive and natural . They were recruited through advertisements in the local newspaper and knew nothing of this universe. You could ask them what they wanted ! This is the first time they would fuck naked in front of a stranger and this situation much excited . Disorder and their emotions are very visible. My goal was to get an orgasm by playing this excitation . For amateurs .

GIRL # 1 : This tall blonde is very excited by the cast . She wants to put a little spice in his life and thinks he can send into the air with a pornstar . Today she masturbates her pussy wide open and gets off so quietly that I have not seen anything ! She told me off camera that she had an orgasm ... you be the judge .

GIRL # 2 : This girl is very special. Timidly she told me she is almost blank (sic) . But what is she doing here? I speak and understand it has huge sex drive which disorder but never had a chance to take action . Is she picked an initiation? I guide and she starts to enjoy !

GIRL # 3 : Coming accompany his girlfriend to cast it asks me that I also filmed , obviously very excited. This is a subject and the fantasy is a man directs him what to do ... almost rape. Violent orgasm guaranteed in less than 5 minutes !

GIRL # 4 : This young black has 20 years , a perfect body , the buttocks as you like and a pair of beautiful breasts. She knows admirably playing his body. It breathes , home, sensuality. Question handjob ... um ... he missed because I have not been able to loose it . And yet , when she fondles sex , we see that it excites but does not go further .

GIRL # 5 : This brunette is super nice shape with beautiful breasts. Under its little girl from a good family preppy , she hides a very naughty and liberated sexuality. This casting begins with a view of very cute panties ( for fans , of course) . Then she gave me a very sexy striptease for being naked on the bed. She tells me how she found herself doing sex with two friends on a night when there was no subway to go home. She loves anal sex and tells her anus expands very well and feel great pleasure when her partner ejaculates inside. Her favorite position is doggy style . "I started to masturbate at the age of 7 years. - She told me - I feel my clit and my lips swell when I 'm excited . " Then she showed me how she likes to cuddle and without me asking him she starts to jerk and forget the camera! I am always amazed at this form of immodesty and natural for some women. Sex opens wide . The tip of her breasts and hard and well trained . It does not very long to have an orgasm .

GIRL # 6 : This fat and ugly blond begins loudly, " I am very focused on sex in general . I often violent sexual urges and generally I always want to go through with a man. I want so much that wets very often, even in public, and I find it very annoying. I had my first sexual intercourse at the age of 8 years with a neighbor. He tried to penetrate me , but it did not work very well. I dream of making love with two men " At the end of the interview, take a break and it made ​​me realize she would like to " do things "with my young little intern. The unfortunate was completely unprepared and inexperienced in the art of pornstar . He kisses , caresses her breasts, sex: she is very excited and begins to take his foot. Alas, my youngster refuses to remove his pants ( unbelievable but true ) . His attitude eventually block the girl and he ... nothing happens !
Video n°131912002 - Length: 60 min. - Size: 660 Mo - File type: mp4

Big hairy slut squirts and gets fucked in the ass!

Sophia comes without her boyfriend and confides : " . ! Because I 'm missing my boyfriend fucks me I have not done anything since two weeks and am totally lacking " This is the first time she fucks with two guys.

She unwraps her huge breasts that our two boys suck with pleasure and starts a blowjob with two cocks at once .

This nasty plump like being insulted , which treats the drag and does not hesitate to say nasty things : "I want you fucks my pussy , my pussy big whore she is ! big your cock ! Go fucks me, I love your big cock ! "

One of the two guys jerks his big hairy mold and all of a sudden , she starts to piss without being able to remember . It flows like a fountain ! " Note that I squirt very far! " she said in a howl of pleasure.

Kevin then attack her ass without asking her opinion. She starts screaming and then leaves butt-fucked .

Finally, she gets a huge cumshot right on the glasses!
Video n°131210762 - Length: 34 min. - Size: 380 Mo - File type: mp4

Dr. Florence gives a blow job class that turns into a gangbang!

Docteur Florence veut savoir si elle suce bien. Nous convoquons quatre experts pour établir un diagnostic. Elle est toujours en retard et pour ne pas perdre de temps elle se change devant les gars ravi du spectacle. Eux sont déjà à poil et attendent, la bite à la main, de pouvoir la mettre dans la bouche du bon docteur. A tour de rôle, ils vont se faire sucer et font des commentaires sur ses qualités de suceuse. Entre nous, elle n'a obtenu que des compliments ! A la fin de ces expertises, comme l'on pouvait s'y attendre, la situation dégénère et Florence offre son cul pour se faire baiser. Après avoir testé la bouche, les bites vont s'occuper de sa chatte avant de recevoir une bonne douche de sperme sur le dos.
Video n°2285842 - Length: 47 min. - Size: 519 Mo - File type: mp4

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