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This beautiful brunette takes a hot session with the fucking machine.

We find Tiffany, a beautiful brunette came to experience the fucking machine in our dungeon. It's a huge vibrator masturbation planted on a seat .... Anyway, basically, a machine with a dildo after to penetrate any orifice automatically. Orgasm guaranteed! Tiffany observes the machine a little confused and asked a few questions before undressing. The operator of the machine, attach the lady on a special chair. This little curious finds himself torn legs raised well hung by chains from the ceiling. We introduce the dildo in her pussy oiled. And presto, it's gone, she gets dildo slowly. The machine leaves him no respite, and he fucks her vagina. We hear her cries of pleasure. A couple watching the invited session. After a moment, unashamed, they began to kiss beside us!
Video n°1173726 - Length: 29 min. - Size: 328 Mo - File type: mp4

She's usually bossy, but today Docteur Florence wants to be dominated: she's presented to a brute of a guy.

Pour une fois, Docteur Florence ne va pas donner un cours mais prendre une bonne leçon de domination avec un espèce de géant taillé comme une armoire à glaçe. Elle est enfermée dans une cage et il va la délivrer pour l'obliger à lui tailler une pipe sur le champ. A coups de cravache sur le cul, son maître l'encourage à mieux sucer. Ensuite, il lui donne l'ordre de lui lécher les fesses, de rentrer la langue dans son anus et de se branler en même temps.

Docile, elle s'exécute avec un certain plaisir et va se faire prendre à quatre pattes très brutalement. Il la baise comme un sauvage et il faut entendre ses hurlements de plaisir ! " Je suis à toi ce soir, tu es mon maître. Attention j'ai un petit cul ! " Dit-elle au moment où il force comme une brute pour lui fourrer son gros pieu dans le fion sans ménagement. " Il va loin le salaud !" La malheureuse déguste sans pouvoir se défendre avant de prendre la semence de son bourreau en plein visage. " J'ai adoré ! " dit-elle pour conclure.
Video n°2284742 - Length: 49 min. - Size: 548 Mo - File type: mp4

A good punishment for this hot blonde who cheats on her husband.

From the first moments, Alex unleashes on his wife Rose, a beautiful brunette with slender body. He exhibited in the street and hit him in the breast insulting. He claims it was blown up by a colleague of job and this bitch must be punished. He hangs clothespins to her nipples and her labia.

Alex brings such energy and conviction as to treat his wife slut, sow, the big dog for a moment we were afraid that filming skids! It passes into the room and offer to Kevin who began to write on his body with a felt all insanities possible. Under the orders of her husband, Kevin in the face with big cock strokes, always with clothespins. At one point, she starts crying but nobody listens! Then she takes all the puree on his glasses.
Video n°1185600 - Length: 40 min. - Size: 450 Mo - File type: mp4

We've realized the fantasy of Emy: extreme h

The little slut Emy is dragged on a leash by his master like a dog on all fours. He orders him to lick the shoes. They will force her to masturbate with a dildo and when an orgasm happens, she can not resist and took a violent pleasure.

Slaps and lashes rain down on his body and they insult the girl for make degrading tasks. They spread the contents of a trash can on the ground and forced to eat garbage. She pees in a bowl, put their hands in and licks his fingers and then smeared his face with his urine.

While she cleans the floor, the two master fucked the girl without heeding her screams. Then they fill her head in the toilet or lack of it and finally fuck her in full swing their mouth.

This scene is the fantasy that Emy has explained what she wanted: to be humiliated and treated like a slut slave.

Her orgasms have never been so violent Emy told us at the end of filming.
Video n°2242502 - Length: 41 min. - Size: 454 Mo - File type: mp4

We've realized the fantasy of Marina: she wan

Marina comes to the household. His employer with a friend and they will abuse her sexually. The poor employee is terrified, she can not resist the orders of the boss. This is a pervert who forced him to put fingers in the ass on all fours. He did not hesitate to stick him great slaps on the buttocks.

The poor became his sexual object to which it controls all the crap that passes by head motion up, spread your legs, move your ass, spread your pussy, suck my dick etc. ..

The unfortunate runs without flinching delivered to sadistic appetites of the big pig will enjoy it well. He leads her into the kitchen and asked him to sit on a table and ordered him to piss legs apart! In the emotion she did and loose control over large jets of urine. The sadistic asked to clean the floor and when she is on all fours, he comes from behind to take the floor, saying: "Ah you pussy full of piss, it slips it's good!" The unfortunate takes big cock strokes and lets kiss obediently.

Then he returned to the living room, installs it on the table, asked her widely spread thighs then brutally shoves. Her boyfriend took the opportunity to do it too and they'll jump in turn until it blows in a whisper: "Oh, it's okay, you're gonna make me cum!" and she gets off quietly.
Video n°2249212 - Length: 47 min. - Size: 517 Mo - File type: mp4

A filthy old man whips this pretty young redhe

I found Anne in a car. It is a beautiful redhead with beautiful body. Without embarrassment, she does not hesitate to drop his pants in a corridor of parking for us to show me her small pussy when a person passes! She is fascinated by the violent sex and wishes to receive lashes and be sodomized.

I led in a big disgusting who could be her father. That old bastard undresses her then tie his hands with handcuffs to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Whip and whip slap on his body, the beautiful moaned squirming.

"Now I'd like to take me a big blow cock in the ass says Anne!" The fat pig shoves his dick in her ass and sodomized properly. Beautiful redhead moans and screams in this sweeping intensive. We always wonder how a pretty girl with a beautiful body agrees to get shagged by an old pig and makes fun of it!
Video n°2121480 - Length: 0 min. - Size: 0 Mo - File type: mp4

An employee gets horsewhip-trained.

Mayline, 29 years old, and has a fantasy come to us for us to help achieve it. Used in a residential house, the owners are unhappy punish beautiful way. They ask him to go down into the basement where the band expects a strong lads. After listening to the reprimands of his bosses, it accepts the punishment. Completely naked, she gets hit with a whip.

Of course, all this would not have been possible without James, the butler, who Mayline trapped by encouraging them to speak ill of his bosses when he has obviously rehearsed and all the reward they will be seen as later. Mistress, whose short skirt reveals some fine legs, is the most severe. It has a good whip with a piece of rope braided nylon, as saying that when this small extension hits the sweet breasts Mayline, she feels it happen.

The boss spanks his employee, just to teach him to live. She brought all other employees who attend the Mayline punishment to humiliate a little more. Buttocks redden and inflame the eyes.

The master of the house on a seat attached Mayline of torture in the medieval manner, but with steel handcuffs everything more modern and robust. He treats slamming body parts that are thighs, buttocks, breasts, etc..

And it is the rush begins. One by one the cats are released. Employees and the master, everyone is going to fuck poor Mayline who will suck everyone with perfect sweetness and application under penalty of good slaps. To take it doggy style, she is out of the yoke and thoroughly well fucked by James. This preparation made, it can be removed by double penetration until her screams fill the room ... for our pleasure and hers.

The slaps do not stop whistle on her ass welcoming. Everyone is so excited that he must empty his balls. And what better place than the mouth of the liquid to pour Mayline white and tasty that ask him to swallow and lick in? It must suck to end gender inflated coming in to unload it, and swallow the seed until the last tear.

When everything is finished and she is showered and rested, she was invited to give us his opinion on the session: What we satisfy the pride (note: Mayline has returned several times since for private sessions with the teacher the master, and Majdie Papou, it's a girl we really appreciate).
Video n°318295 - Length: 75 min. - Size: 826 Mo - File type: mp4


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