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BDSM session with Kalista Carra.

We are in our dungeon with Kalista Karra, a beautiful brunette plump, with her friend for a domination session. She is blindfolded to not knowing what to expect, well, it's his choice to increase her excitement! At first, his friend tie his hands behind his back with a pair of handcuffs that connects to a chain attached to the ceiling. It proposes to offer to the desires of many men without being able to defend themselves. The first young man arrives and starts to undress caress his chest. Quickly, he lowers his black tights to make it comfortable.

Lorna arrived with a whisk.
Occurs Lorna, a young and pretty brunette who began to undress completely. Kalista is overwhelmed with emotion, her sighs of satisfaction reflected. Lorna grabbed a whip and hits buttocks Kalista with increasing vigor to cause red marks on her beautiful buttocks bounced. The friend takes over and hits his girlfriend shyly while other men mingle with the group. They urge to hit louder cries of "Bitch, slave, bitch!" A nice cock comes before the mouth of the tortured who greedily seized on to carve a beautiful pipe. It gives ideas to Lorna who fattening few tails scope.
Kalista is pussy.
Breeches Kalista is torn, it is leaning forward on a table, a big dick is anonymous puncture his tuft, she moans with pleasure. Slapping, insults and rain while the cocks in her pussy exploded succeed. Lorna then unleashed the dormant in gross she wakes up and blows rained more violent on our ass brunette. In turn, they are beaten with the whip, she can not scream for a nice cock fills her mouth. Kalista beautiful, sitting on a chair of torture, undergoes a vigorous fingering by her boyfriend. Suddenly, gaping pussy coward powerful jets! After extensive flooding, it is placed on the ground on all fours to suffer the onslaught of participants. She has a right to a double penetration! His desires sated with this porn video, Kalista sticks against the body of Lorna to kiss greedily by fingering her nipples. Finally, participants ejaculate into her mouth.
Video n°1186686 - Length: 0 min. - Size: 0 Mo - File type: mp4

We've realized the fantasy of Indra: a boss mistreats his secretary and goes hardcore on her! (Part 1)

Indra is called by his boss with three other employees. It begins with the hit to punish then gonna get fucked by his henchmen. They say that all girls have dreams of fuck against her will. Indra in any case, it's true. It not only in dreams, but they want to live that fantasy. And even realize it, as it is recorded for a little porn video she can take with her - and that everyone can watch.

Her fantasy: to be humiliated by his boss. She has explained what she wanted and it is up to us to stage her dream. What is the scenario? Very simple but effective: Indra committed spelling again and his boss does not intend to let this go. It's back for lunch and everyone at his office. Everyone except the boss. Indra and he calls convened, asking her to do as her future colleagues. In keeping perfect secretary model, it looks and rebuffed. She has beautiful promise not to make mistakes in the future, his boss is firm: it will be corrected cul-naked in front of other employees.

The associate becomes mistress of the whip.
Indra is our skirt up and panties down. She also sees her walk and unbuttoned her bra ripped off. Suspected that her boss would put across his knees to spank her, using her breasts as a handle for holding it tightens extended? The surprise is that the associated advertising agency comes from the outside. In its strict tailoring to mid-thigh, you feel a good woman agreed, and she decides to make herself his favorite tool (a large leather handbag with a handle at the end) to explode 's buttocks used indelicate. Blows resound and other employees watching ... until the boss decides that only have to teach him to violate the syntax. Black is the beginning. It ask the young secretary to suck and since it does not take a good shot of whip on the buttocks. When others decide to put their cock in the mouth of their colleague, Black plays in pushing a dildo in the anus of the poor secretary. Far attract compassion, it excites males and even whipping associated breasts and inner thighs (where it hurts the most) of his victim.
Video n°1181099 - Length: 44 min. - Size: 490 Mo - File type: mp4

The fantasy of Indra: to be mistreated and hav

Indra is called by his boss with three other employees. It begins with the hit to punish then gonna get fucked by his henchmen.

Torture breasts and swallowing sperm.
But Indra is far from finished. Her boss attaches clothespins on the tip of her pink nipples and twists. The whip fell on her thighs. Of large pines him till the pussy and ass. Well guys slamming the rear end of the beautiful, she screams. What could she do? Supplier, it already does. But she begged and she gets her ass pounded. Three strong men on it, it makes him the effect. Not to mention the other slaps and smacking whip. Guys love it so much they are sucking cock until they explode in the mouth of our secretary. The white liquid squirts on her taste buds and to swallow. The moral of the story? She says herself: we realized his dream. We are pleased with the recognition they place in us. And for those who believe that loses his fantasies when they realize they can rest assured, we immediately creates others. And this is also the case of Indra has already called because she had another idea ...
Video n°1181097 - Length: 43 min. - Size: 483 Mo - File type: mp4

Anal sex demonstration for a voluptuous redhead.

VINTAGE YEAR 80 - We joined Floriane, a young redhead arsonist to a small cast. Her husband is with her and this as an amateur sodomy. The husband has his pretty young wife from every angle and takes like a bitch in several positions. The redhead scream with pleasure when she gets fucked in the ass, we can say that sodomy is his thing! A good shot of cum in mouth ends this casting.
Video n°1186684 - Length: 32 min. - Size: 353 Mo - File type: mp4

She gets up in a hurry to piss on him!

VINTAGE YEAR 80 - An interview on the bed for the cast of this gorgeous blonde 19 year old who says she prefers is exhib and she already practiced sodomy with 4 or 5 man she says. She finds herself lying on the bed, legs wide apart. Her blonde hairy founette opens under lick expert caster. After a good blowjob, the young woman inserts a finger into the anus, moaning with pleasure while the man insists on lick her pussy. Position and then another crouched over the pile of caster pushed very hard in the ass. In the end, she gets up to piss him with great jets of urine! Cumshot finish.
Video n°1186683 - Length: 39 min. - Size: 436 Mo - File type: mp4

Finally, he fucks her on the couch.

VINTAGE YEAR 80 - Vanessa Young and pretty blonde goes to a casting. Director proposes to see if it can agree to make porn videos. Beauty is naked on the couch and gets her hairy pussy fiddling rosy and chubby sighing with pleasure. He sucked her before taking it in her cunt and anus and dump it on her beautiful face.
Video n°1186681 - Length: 33 min. - Size: 369 Mo - File type: mp4

Naive blonde lets a stranger fuck her.

VINTAGE YEAR 80 - A gorgeous blonde very young is approached on the street by a director known. He persuades her to come to him for an audition. This leaves little shy to undress with a nice pussy to language expert professional. She pumps the penis before pussy fucked on the table. It goes through all positions before he attacks her ass with cries of extreme pleasure. The cast ends with a nice drop of cum in mouth.
Video n°1186682 - Length: 30 min. - Size: 335 Mo - File type: mp4

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