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To fuck a prostitute in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris... We've realized the fantasy of Vincent and Emily!

Fantasy to whore in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris! This is often the gentleman who thinks. Today Vincent drags his wife Emilie to lean against a tree and wait for the client. She is half consent when we plunge into an alley wood well known for being a haven for voyeurs. Emilie and her husband stand against a tree, the ball a little and a few moments later, a guy comes and starts to stick the legs on her breasts and under her skirt.

Very friendly and courteous, he asks if he can fuck with some friends. Emily refuses but her husband would be delighted to see his little woman blow by complete strangers gathered in the street! She accepted the look they kiss with her husband as mere voyeurs. Next we prove that Emily is a bitch under his sacred arias little girl!

To avoid custody because wood is heavily guarded by the police, we went in a cave for the rest of the festivities. Once there, very excited about this and well heated by her husband (we see that her pussy is already open) it will eventually let them go when they approach her to jump. And to the delight of her husband, three guys will pass it on and even fucked!
Video n°2306962 - Length: 36 min. - Size: 406 Mo - File type: mp4

During all of the shooting, she can't stop masturbating!

A black with red hair is very rare ah the magic of discoloration! Small, charming and very naughty, Tamy sometimes Nantes to its small porn video with us. Immediately Madgic oozes out of her dress a beautiful pair of loaches in good hard frome pear to lick some of his very prominent nipples.

They stand against each other. While the beautiful black out the tail of his pants and masturbates gently, I see her little hands down to her sex to masturbate slowly. A camera shot shows that it is already soaking wet! This is a champion of the pipe that lets out long filaments of drool lubrificatrice and began a series of deep gorges.

She lies on the bed, then she spreads her big pussy lips to show us how it was wet. The very hard cock is inserted into the vulva dripping; Tamy continues to masturbate while she fucked her pussy with big curly hair clipped short. The combined action of swabbing and a handjob self-administered triggers a loud orgasm in black crying: "Oh, That's good, I love your cock, I'm going to cum!" After a good doggy, missionary in Madgic the resume and I filmed the fingers of the little black deviating widely lips of her sex to bring out a big red clit very hard. Mouth wide open, she received the white juice of a powerful cumshot deep throat.
Video n°1177622 - Length: 0 min. - Size: 0 Mo - File type: mp4

Middle-class lady: we took her to be a whore in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris!

Eva is married to a wealthy businessman and bored. Eva bet she can do the bitch in the Bois de Boulogne. Arrival in a corner voyeurs, it will not deflate and starts sucking the guys who congregate at the door and out of the car to get groped.

But is beginning to be spotted by joggers and horse riders and he offers to take us to a few guys kiss she agrees!

Arrival at the location, it goes into the room and crazy hair line. 5 to 6 guys we brought, taking advantage of the bargain and make beautiful bourgeois in all positions without asking her opinion too! It defends a little when they are too brutal but leaves kiss without complaining.

I can not imagine the head of her husband the day he will fall on this video!
Video n°51012271 - Length: 28 min. - Size: 318 Mo - File type: mp4

Shitload of Insults for this big slut.

Super exhibitionist Sophie likes to walk in the street to show her tits, her pussy and provoke desire in men. Supermarket, a truck driver on the highway, parking, all places are possible. Libertine, she often goes to parties swingers. I present two boys whom she asked to lick and kiss without the complex. Soon her wet pussy ends up with a big dick in action.

Always at his request, the boys embark on a series of insults: slut, bitch, bitch, you love getting fucked, look at my big cock in your pussy. Sophie answered them in the same tone with words very raw, a real festival!
Video n°1177222 - Length: 44 min. - Size: 492 Mo - File type: mp4

A 19-year old co-ed attends an audition out of curiosity and gets fucked hard!

Cassie is a beautiful 19 year old student, after a middle-class Enghien, who spends a casting. This is her first experience in front of a camera, I try to put them at ease. She admits to being an exhibitionist so I asked him to drop his pants in the park at the exit of the toilet.

Beautiful does not deflate and shows me her small pussy all smooth in the middle of passers-by! "I'm soaked, one outdoor exhib it excites me!" told me she was dressed again.

She says she wants to release sexually but does not say ready to porn. Once she is naked damn, I present Joss, she accepted a few caresses. The boy she likes, she is more excited and can not resist the urge to suck. From a small timid voice she ended by saying: "I ​​have not had sex in one month, I am very excited and now I want him to take me!"

Cum dripping from her pussy, she will prove to be a good little slut and try even a soda before getting a good cumshot on face.
Video n°2117080 - Length: 35 min. - Size: 391 Mo - File type: mp4

Creampie amateur. Cassandra gets filled with cum, both in the pussy and in the ass.

David and Cassandra we receive at home near Reims. When you arrive, Cassandra is not ready and just out of bed. We find ourselves in the kitchen during breakfast. They go to clubs just to see but they are not swingers. She said exhib, I asked him to meet her nightie. David is very excited and starts touching her pussy while she drinks her coffee.

In fact, we just came for a casting but I want to see them kiss.

They are both hot. After a good session of lick, Cassandra pump David finds himself with a good rod. Hardly had he penetrated her and starts to moan under the repeated blows of his big baton. She pays a hell of orgasm and the opportunity to release his cum in her pussy!

Cassandra is a woman fountain and says his ejaculation: "I ​​felt it flow and it made me cum!" But this will not suffice for him when he tries to fuck, he cums a second time into his anus.
Video n°2609451 - Length: 39 min. - Size: 439 Mo - File type: mp4

Fucked by two guys, this Arab girl manages to slip away!

This mature Arab girl wanted to be fucked by 3 guys! She asked us to realise a fantasy: she wants the guys to hold his arms and his legs to fuck. Papuan and Madgic agreed to play this role of bad boys.

Just arrived, Papou grabs her arms back and ask arab girl suck cock. She began to said: "You're big bastards!" Without hearing his pleas, the two guys will fuck the poor arab girl.

She screams "Ah, you bastards! He will fuck me!" This role play seems to excite him terribly.

Then returns fours and grabs him by the hair and crie: "You are our good little slut? Come on say the you are our good little bitch!" With an imploring look, she looks at me and says, "Watch as they fuck me sir!"

Her pussy open and dripping proves that this role play gives him intense pleasure.

After a nice facial cumshot she gets up abruptly and left the room without saying anything !
Video n°1178282 - Length: 43 min. - Size: 474 Mo - File type: mp4

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